Summer 2010 Introduction

Hello Everyone!!

My name is Dana Hardbower. I’m a junior and a biology major here at William and Mary. This is my fifth semester of undergraduate research.

Welcome to the summer of 2010. I began this blog last summer to keep anyone interested informed about my research in Dr. Williamson’s Environmental Virology lab. Lasy summer, much of my discussion centered around the concentration and maintainence of viral concentrates from Lake Matoaka and the analysis of the bacterial community by terminal restriction fragment lenght polymorphism (tFRLP). This summer’s project is both a continuence of last summer’s project and a new project that adds another facet to the scope of the overall study of the temporal dynamics of viral and bacterial assemblages in Lake Matoaka right here on William and Mary’s campus.

The specific subject of my summer research project is the temporal dynamics of the bacterial assemblages in Lake Matoaka. I will be using two techniques – Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (tRFLP) and clone libraries to create and accurate and detailed profile of the bacterial assemblages in Lake Matoaka. tRFLP is a powerful technique that will allow me to catalogue the changes in the bacterial assemblages over time in Lake Matoaka. Much of the data for this protocol was collected over the past year and I am now moving into the analysis phase of this portion of the project. I will use GeneMapper software for the statistical analysis of the data. The creation of a clone library of the major bacterial species in the lake will be accomplished by TOPO-TA kits and will provide me with sequence specific data about the major species in the lake. The clone libraries will allow me to add detail to the general profile I am creating with tRFLP. I am perhaps the most excited about the latter part of this project because it will constitute my honors thesis research. Moreover, this work remains unique and novel. I sincerely hope to greatly contribute to the field of freshwater microbial ecology with this work.

I hope you are as excited about following my research this summer as I am about sharing it with all of you! Look for more new posts starting June 1.


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